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        Shandong Shenxian Risen Petroleum Resin Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock manufacturing enterprise of high-end C5 petroleum resin, which was established in March 2014 and located in Shenxian Chemical Industrial Park, covering an area of nearly 135,000 square meters. The company has invested more than 500 million yuan in two phases, constructing two sets of production equipment and supporting projects for 30,000 tons/year of DCPD hydrogenated petroleum resin and 20,000 tons/year of viscous petroleum resin.


        The first phase of the 30,000 tons/year of hydrogenated DCPD petroleum resin production unit and supporting project started construction in February 2015 and was completed and put into operation in June 2016. A successful trial run was conducted and produced qualified DCPD hydrogenated petroleum resin products. This device is the first fixed-bed production device in China, its completion and operation have filled the domestic gap and ending the history of domestic demand relying solely on imports. DCPD hydrogenated petroleum resin is a high-grade C5 petroleum resin produced by our company using advanced technology independently developed for nearly twenty years. It has excellent viscosity, compatibility, thermal stability and light stability, which can be widely used in hot melt adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives, sanitary products (sanitary napkin, diapers, etc.), tires, medical containers, paints, hot melt road markings and other fields. Since the commissioning, the project has had stable production facilities, excellent product quality, and a been operated steadily, the product quality is excellent, and a leading production capacity in China. Our products are popular both domestically and internationally, we have received widespread praise from customers, also achieved good economic and social benefits.


        The second phase of the 20,000 tons/year of viscous petroleum resin production unit and supporting project was commenced in April 2020 and completed and put into operation in September 2021. This project was listed as a key industrial project in Liaocheng City in 2020 and a key project of Shandong Province in 2021. The viscous petroleum resin product is also an aromatic modified C5 petroleum resin independently developed by our company. It is a high-quality transparent granular organic polymer with excellent initial viscosity and narrow molecular weight distribution, also has good compatibility with elastomers such as EVA, natural rubber, butadiene styrene rubber, butyl rubber, PE rubber, styrene block co-polymers (such as SIS, SBS) and etc. This product is mainly used in the fields of high-end adhesives, special tapes, advanced rubber products, sanitary materials and etc. In industries of pressure-sensitive adhesives, hot melt adhesives, tires and etc, it not only has a good thickening effect, but also helps to improve the mechanical and optical properties of the entire adhesive system. This viscous petroleum resin produced by our company's Phase II project has the advantages of advanced production technology and superior product quality, and has strong competitiveness in the future market.


        At present, our company has more than 200 employees, including more than 40 senior and intermediate professional and technical personnel, with over 70% of graduates from college and technical schools. Especially, our main management personnel have nearly twenty years of work experience in the related field and have rich practical experience in project construction and safety production management. The company passed the certification of ISO9001, ISO14001 and GB/T28001 three-standard management system certification in May 2017, and the technology center was identified as the "Liaocheng City Enterprise Technology Center" by Liaocheng City Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology in December of the same year; In December 2018, the company was recognized by the Shandong Provincial Departments of Technology as the "National High-tech Enterprise" and "Specialized-Precise-Special-New" enterprise in Shandong Province; In 2020, the company’s technical center was identified as the "Liaocheng City Petroleum Resin Engineering Laboratory" by the Development and Reform Commission of Liaocheng City, and as the "Shandong Province Enterprise Technology Center" by the Shandong Province Development and Reform Commission in 2021. In August 2022, the company was awarded the honors as "Little Giant" of National Specialized-Precise-Special-New and "Small and Medium-sized Enterprise of Specialized-Precise-Special-New" in Shandong Province; The company currently holds more than ten invention patents and won the third prize of Liaocheng City Invention Patent in November 2020, also  received recognition and rewards from the Liaocheng City People's Government. Over the years, it has been rated as the exemplary organization of safety production and environmental protection, with high personnel quality, strong technical force, advanced production technology, complete detection means, standardized enterprise management and bright market prospects.


        The company adheres to the principle of "safety first, quality supreme and law-abiding integrity", conducts scientific operation and efficient construction, and strive to not only meet the product needs of domestic users in the near future, but also to enter the high-end market of foreign customers and create a globally renowned petroleum resin brand.

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